Compare Custom Variables in Adobe Analytics and Launch

Have you ever had to sit and manually compare variables between Adobe Analytics and Launch to try to figure out why a data element isn't tracking correctly? No Fun!

With this tool you can see how variables are tracked in both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch including Rules and Extension configurations. 

Step 1: Authenticate with Adobe I/O


What do I need to login?

This tool uses Adobe I/O's JWT connection to authenticate so you'll need to create an integration from the Adobe I/O Console. You can read more on creating the integration on the AdobeDocs.

Unfortunately, right now Launch does not support OAuth or this would be as simple as logging in with your Adobe ID.

It didn't work!

Are you sure you created the integration correctly? If you need any help or you notice a bug, feel free to contact me.

How do I know this is secure?

Well you are handing over something called a client secret... so that's reasonable. A couple things:

  • I don't store any private information including the client secret or JWT token
  • JWT Tokens expire and you won't be providing everything I'd need to connect after the token expires
  • This site uses HTTPS to ensure no one can eavesdrop

Otherwise, well I hope you just trust me ;-)