CQ5 Development Setup, Maven Build and Deployment

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Download and watch “CQ5 Development Setup, Maven Build and Deployment” with Dan Klco!

Six Dimensions and 6D-Labs are pleased to distribute its 2nd CQ webinar “CQ5 Development Setup: Maven Build and Deployment” This webinar covers best practices in building and deploying CQ5 applications.

This Webinar is intended for technical audiences, i.e., developers and architects who have existing experience with CQ5.


The second of ten webinar series, explores:

  • Project Structure
    • Creating a Maven Reactor
    • Creating Bundles
    • Multi-Project Setups
  • IDEs and Tools
    • Maven Plugins
    • Eclipse Plugins
  • Continuous Integration
  • Creating a Single Package
  • Deploying to CQ5

Thought Leader: Dan Klco (Senior CQ Staff Engineer)

Watch the webinar here!


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