Dumping CQ Configuration

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Often when providing remote support, you may want to send a complete snapshot of a CQ instance’s configuration and state to others to help debugging. Generating a report of the complete status of the OSGi configuration, environment state and logs is as easy as invoking a single url.

The OSGi console will generate a report of the following items when you invoke: {SERVER}:{PORT}/system/console/config/configuration-status.zip

  • All Log Files
  • Wire Admin
  • Threads
  • System Properties
  • Sling Thread Pools
  • Sling Settings
  • Sling Servlet Filters
  • Sling Scheduler Jobs
  • Sling Resource Resolver Map Entries
  • Sling Referrer Filters
  • Sling Properties
  • Sling Eventing Queue
  • Available Sling Adaptors
  • Services & their properties
  • Registered Script Engines
  • CRX Configuration
  • Product/Licensing Information
  • Preferences/Permissions (if Available)
  • Java Package Admin
  • Installed Bundles
  • Memory Usage
  • Log Configuraiton
  • JMX/MBeans Configuration
  • Http WhiteBoard
  • GFX Information
  • Declarative Services Components
  • Configuraitons
  • CQ4 Migration Configuration
  • Bundle Information

You can also get a text file with the same information, except the log files, by invoking {SERVER}:{PORT}/system/console/config/configuration-status.txt.


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