Jekyll Init Script

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Recently, I embarked on converting this site to use Jekyll as a replacement for a 'real' CMS.

Overall, the experience has been great, Jekyll has been more than sufficient to manage the templating of pages and I could see how it could be leveraged for a larger site. One thing I was not able to find was a decent init script for running Jekyll as a Linux service. Jekyll can run until interrupted, automatically picking up changes and re-generating the pages. I could run it as a background task, but that seemed awkward as I would have to start it whenever the server restarted.

So I created my own. It executes Jekyll, specifying the source and target destination and then pipes the output to a log file at /var/log/jekyll.log. It also creates a PID file under /var/run/, which it uses to get status and stop the service. Right now it's not terribly intelligent, there's no checking to see if the service is already started for example.

This script has been tested with CentOS 5.8, but I don't see why it couldn't be ported to other distros. Simply place this script in the /etc/init.d directory on your server, update the relevant properties and register it as a service with chkconfig of the equivalent command for your distro.

See the script GitHub Gist



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