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Six Dimensions just announced the acquisition of Storycode, a leading Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) solution provider and creative agency.  I'm excited about this and you should be too!

As a technologist, seeing the potential of bringing 6D's AEM expertise together with Storycode's creativity and expertise in DPS allows us to create scalable, connected and flexible DPS apps, powered by the content engine of AEM.

DPS is a powerful tool for publishing content to multiple mobile apps across all of the major mobile platforms. When you combine this publication platform with the content management power of AEM enables enterprises to have non-technical users quickly and consistently publish content to mobile apps.

Imagine a scenario where a single set of content and digital assets are reused and remixed across an organisation's web and mobile platforms.  Cool huh?

Let's see how AEM integrates with DPS.

Create Structure

First, create a folder (or multiple folders) to organize your publication.  You have flexibility here to logically organize your publications.  This content strategy is an important consideration before starting on the implementation.  The quality of this content strategy will determine how easy to traverse and organize the publications will be.

Creating a folder for organizing publications

Create Folio

Once your structure is created, you can create the folio to contain the articles for a publication.

Creating a folio to contain the articles

Create Article

Next create article.  Articles roughly correspond to a page in AEM.

Creating an article

Here's where you can manage the actual content for your publication. As in standard AEM pages, the authoring can be tailored for the required authoring experience and level of proficiency.

Edit the Article in AEM

Publish Articles

Finally, once the articles are created they can be published through DPS to the mobile applications.


Hopefully, this shows the power of AEM and DPS and how this new partnership between Six Dimensions and Storycode will enable you to leverage your website content in new and exicting ways throughout the mobile ecosystem.

For more information on how Six Dimensions and Storycode can help you realize the power of AEM and DPS, contact us.


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