AEM-Lingotek Translation Connector Webinar

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Are you using a custom or legacy integration for managing your translations in AEM?  Are you interested in supporting both machine and human translation? Do you want to make your translation process easier, cheaper and more reliable? If so the AEM-Lingotek Translation Connector Webinar is for you!

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) using the new Lingotek - Inside AEM Connector. Developed by Six Dimensions, an Adobe Business Partner and Lingotek Integration Partner, users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for translation, and even offer to translate content themselves, all without leaving their site!


Thought Leaders:

  • Dan Klco (AEM Technical Architect)
  • Brian Warner (AEM Technical Architect)
  • Calvin Scharffs (Lingotek Translation Expert)

This webinar is the seventh in our series of AEM (formerly Day CQ) webinars and will provider an insider insight into the new AEM-Lingotek Translation Connector developed by Six Dimensions in partnership with Lingotek to bring seamless translation into AEM.

Join Larry Furr, VP of Product Management for Lingotek, along with Brian Warner and Dan Klco, Directors of Digital Delivery for Six Dimensions as they walk you through the five steps needed to produce and maintain a multilingual website in Adobe Experience Manager, including how to:

  • Easily manage your multilingual sites
  • Synchronize content and manage changes
  • Translate content on the fly
  • Use your community to translate
  • When needed, professionally translate the content on your site


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