New in AEM 6.1: Human Translation API

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When AEM 6.0 was introduced, we we were excited to present a webinar on Six Dimensions's contributions to the new Translation API in Adobe Experience Manager. Now, with the release of AEM 6.1, we're excited to introduce Six Dimension's latest contribution in supporting the new AEM Translation API with support for Human Translation.

The version 1 of the AEM Translation API only supported machine translation such as the service provided by Google Translate or Microsoft Translate. The latest iteration of the API now supports professional, human translation through a new asynchronous API. This API works by sending the content to the translation connector for translation and polling for updates.

Introducing the Lingotek AEM Connector

Six Dimensions has partnered with Lingotek, a leading translation service provider to create the first, approved connector for the AEM Translation API v2. The Lingotek in AEM connector will translate:

  • Pages
  • Metadata & Tags
  • Documents

and integrates with the AEM Translation API, supporting both Human and Machine Translation. 

Using the Lingotek AEM Connector

The Lingotek in AEM connector can be invoked on any content in AEM. First, start by selecting the content to be translated and create a language copy.

Translating Content

Next, the use either configures the project or starts the new job if the project has already been configured.

Configure the Project

Once the translation starts, you can then view the progress of each item.

Translation Progress Screen

While the translation is in progress, if you want to check the status of the item in Lingotek or update the translation, the Lingotek status dropdown offers easy access to the Lingotek Workbench for each piece of content.

Lingotek Status Dropdown


Want a live demo? Or interested in seeing a recording? We have options!


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