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Adobe just announced the release of the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager, AEM 6.1.

6D Welcomes AEM 6.1!

In celebration of the release of AEM 6.1, 6D's Thought Leaders have contributed a number new posts.

What's in AEM 6.1?

The AEM 6.1 release includes, among many new features and enhancements, deeper integration into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

This latest release also enhances and demarcates the individual components of AEM and adds some whole new functionalities.

AEM Components

6D is exicted about the new features and potential of AEM 6.1. If you are on an older version of AEM or CQ, I'd encourage you to take advantage of our free AEM 6.x Upgrade Assessment which has be revamped and updated to support AEM 6.1!


AEM 6AEM 6.1 

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