B2B2C: The Next Wave of Digital Marketing

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Over the last several years, the digital marketing revolution has moved outward from B2C brands into the B2B companies. This wave of change has seen massive changes in retail and the death of numerous brands which were not able to compete in the new digitized landscape. Consumer's increased expectations are now affecting B2B interactions and companies which cannot provide comparable digital experiences to the customers no matter whether consumer or businesses will soon find themselves outcompeted. New Pressure & Competition Whereas most retail and B2C companies have been leveraging digital marketing to enhance their customer's experience for some time, many B2B companies are only recently started to identify, track and market to their customers using modern digital marketing technologies and techniques.  For B2B companies, successfully providing digital experiences and justifying the spend, requires an even deeper understanding their customers within the businesses they serve and finding the relationships between activity...