Managing Adobe Campaign Packages via the Command Line

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Adobe Campaign includes a command line interface by which administrators and developers can interact with the system via a command line interface, instead of the graphical user interface. Included in this command line interface is a tool for importing and exporting packages directly through the command line. This allows teams and users to more easily share and deploy configurations and content between Adobe Campaign instances. To manage packages using the Adobe Campaign command line interface, perform the following: Step 1: Create Package To manage packages in Adobe Campaign through the command line interface, first you will need to create the package from within Adobe Campaign.   Once you have created the package and defined its contents, copy the package name. We'll use this in the next step. Step 2: Export Package Next, login to the Adobe Campaign Server and execute one of the following command: nlserver package -instance:[instance_name] -export:[target_file] -spec:[package_name] -verbose The...