Managing Multiple AEM Instances

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

One of the challenges I've had over the last few years is how to easily manage multiple AEM instances concurrently. Over the last few years, I've often had to have several different AEM instances running during the course of the day, whether it be different versions, client codebases or for just for standing up a quick test. To make starting, stopping and resetting AEM instances on my computer quick and easy, I created a small script and a structure to support easily managing multiple AEM instances on the same computer.  "Yücelzorlu" by SepiNs is licensed under CC SA 2.0 Folder Structure First, from a structure perspective, create the following folders: /[user-home] /dev /aem /instance1 /instance2 ... This structure is pretty simple, but it does help a lot to be consistant and makes it pretty quick to navigate folders via terminal or finder; cd ~/dev/aem/6.1 is pretty darn easy to type, easy to remember...