Are You Ready For AT.js?

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

I recently attended an excellent webinar "Ask the Experts - Adobe Target New Features" presented by Adobe's @kimenwarner. During the webinar, Kimen mentioned a very exciting new feature coming to Adobe Target in February 2016: AT.js. AT.js is the new client library for Adobe Target, replacing the legacy mbox.js. This new client library is currently in beta testing and promises to be more flexible, faster and safer than the current library. Specifically, AT.js offers: Flexibility: Supports standard websites and single page apps Flexibility: Customize error handling and timeouts Modern Coding: Uses XMLHttpRequest method for all AJAX loading Speed: Doesn't require blocking calls -- can be loaded asynchronously Speed: Avoids document.write() calls Safety: Doesn't immediately execute JavaScript on errors and timeouts Safety: No longer reloads on timeouts These new features are especially exciting for those developing single page applications, as it allows marketers to no longer rely on developers to implement personalization and optimization strategies when supporting single...