Transforming Technology Obstacles into Opportunities

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Just as the promise of technology in marketing is undeniable, so are the challenges many companies face when integrating it with their marketing. In many organizations, marketing teams aren’t reaching their potential in digital marketing, frequently due to technological obstacles, whether internal or external. "Kovalev v Szilagyi 2013 Fencing WCH SMS-IN" by Marie-Lan Nguyen is licensed under CC-BY 3.0 Technology Obstacles Some of the common digital marketing obstacles we see when working with clients are: Disappointing Customer Experiences Consumers are increasingly using technology in their daily lives as it becomes faster, cheaper and more ubiquitous. This challenges marketers to meet customers’ high expectations. Over the last few years, user interface design, the level of personalization in everyday interactions and the "smart" device revolution have drastically increased consumer expectations of how they will interact with technology. When your competitors, or even companies like Google and Apple, have a significantly better experience than you do, customers will no...