AEM Mobile Part 1: A Fresh Approach to Mobile Apps

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Recently, Adobe introduced AEM Mobile, a new way to build, maintain and deploy mobile apps. AEM Mobile makes it vastly easier to manage mobile apps by enabling marketers to maintain mobile app content, which has traditionally been done by developers. AEM Mobile is the centerpiece of a new platform Adobe has built around enabling marketing to maintain mobile apps and market to mobile app users. As one of Adobe's top partners, Perficient had a chance to preview AEM Mobile and get a glimpse into the technology underlying this new platform. The Tech Behind the Scenes This new platform is composed of several different technologies, each of which has been deeply integrated, to build a seamless mobile app publishing experience. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Easy maintainance of mobile app content Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (or DPS), which Adobe unveiled in 2010, provides Marketers the ability to maintain mobile app content without having to involve developers...