5 Steps to Delight Customers with Personalization in AEM and Target

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Consumers want relevant content, yet many brands have difficulty providing relevant and personalized content. One reason for this is duplicate authoring of website and personalized content. This duplication causes confusion and extra work, as authors must log into at least two systems to maintain site content. In the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe has simplified authoring personalized content. In addition to some exciting new features, this release includes a new integration with Adobe Target. The new integration allows authors to edit personalized content directly within AEM. Given the strong ROI of personalization, the improved AEM / Target integration will be a big win for Adobe customers. Authoring Personalized Experiences with AEM & Target While at Adobe Summit, I attended the lab "Integrating Experience Manager with Adobe Analytics, Target and DTM", which showcased the new AEM / Target integration. In only one hour, we were able to set up the integration...