Rise of the Millennials: How a New Generation is Shaping B2B Marketing

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Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce in early 2015. The rise of the Millennials in the workspace will have a profound impact on how companies operate. At the same time, many organizations fail to anticipate how this generation will change B2B commerce. Millennials approach information sources differently than previous generations. This, coupled with their increased customer experience expectations presents a challenge for B2B companies. Rise of the Millennials As shown in the illustration below, there are over 53 million millennials are in the workforce, making up 28.5% of the overall total. With Millennials focused on promotions and Baby Boomers retiring, soon Millennials will hold many purchasing positions.  Millennials, having grown up exposed to technology, no longer see technology as an add-on or gimmick. Instead, they expect technology to complement all experiences whether digital or analog. At the same time, Millennials emphasize the human factor. In an era of digitization, providing a humanized, personal experience sets a company...


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