Managing AEM Packages from the CLI

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

After the umpteenth time of having to check this excellent reference of the cURL commands for AEM to upload a package, I finally thought "this is silly". So, I created a small script to make it easier to manage packages via the command line. The AEM Package Manager is just that, a small script to help you manage scripts from the command line. This script is useful for many occasions, such as: Exchanging content packages Installing a dependency package outside the build Or when you just want something quicker and easier than using the AEM web UI to upload a package Using the script is as simple as: Downloading the script from GitHub Making it executable Putting it in your system path Once you have the script installed, you can use it as shown in the following examples: List Packages Lists all of the packages in the my_packages group. [email protected] ~> aem-pkmgr list -g my_packagesAVAILABLE...