Clearing AEM's JSP Cache in your Jenkins Build

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

AEM really likes caching you compiled JSPs. This can be a problem as you are developing code, especially when working on dependencies. Every so often you may forget to include a dependency in a bundle or include the wrong version. Because of AEM's JSP caching, even after fixing your dependency, you may see something like this: Image Credit: anthony from How to import a class from third party jar file in an OSGi component As a developer, this is annoying, but if this same problem occurs on an integration or other environment, it causes significantly more extra work as the team will need to determine what is the problem and what caused it while having to potentially review many commits by different developers. How to Clear AEM's JSP Cache To keep this from happening, you can automatically clear the JSP cache in AEM as part of your build. Apache Sling...