Making Your Digital Marketing Project a Cake

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Many projects are incorrectly scheduled or structured, resulting in wasted effort, missed requirements and even project failure. A properly scheduled and structured digital marketing project drastically increases the probability of the project to succeed. This problem applies to many digital marketing projects, including websites, apps, email campaigns and more. So what does a properly structured and scheduled digital marketing project look like? A cake!  Much like a delicious cake, a well structured and well scheduled digital marketing project has multiple layers. These layers all work together to create something great, in this case, an excellent digital marketing project delivery. This structure ensures consistency throughout the project, ensures all viewpoints are considered and helps to reduce problems in transitioning between phases. Project Lifecycle So how do the layers of a project change during the project lifecycle? First, we start out with a heavy dash of creative. At the same time, technical implementation,...