Custom Adobe Analytics Tracking Using Google Tag Manager

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

On a recent project, I'd gotten an interesting request to implement custom Adobe Analytics tracking for a web application using Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tag management. The customer already used Google Tag Manager for tracking AdSense and other ad tools but they had a legacy implementation of Adobe Analytics that they wanted to use for Analytics reporting. One of their challenges with this implementation is that it used a combination of inline scripts and s_code.js customizations which required developer support to make analytics tracking changes. Given the effort required to rip and replace their legacy analytics implementation and the limited scope of the engagement, it made sense to move forward with using Google Tag Manager to manage Adobe Analytics, but what's the best approach? In order to accomplish the client's goal of being able to change analytics without making code changes, I decided to use GTM's DataLayer to push...