5 Design Tips for Modern Digital Marketing

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

When implementing a new digital marketing platform, many organizations struggle with how to design their vision so it can be easily and sustainably implemented using modern digital marketing technologies. Here are five key tips that I believe will help organizations looking to implement their digital marketing vision, ensure that their creative and design process yields a sustainable and easy to implement deliverable.     1. Eliminate Special Snowflakes   One of the key principles of user experience is to not surprise users. Designing for reusability and consistency across page types, experiences, and the entire digital marketing platform will pay dividends later on and provide a better user experience. So eliminate the special snowflakes!   Although there may be a temptation to tailor every experience with a unique look and feel, consistency is better. Implementing many, varied experiences will cost significantly more during the implementation process vs. a modularized experience. Additionally,...