Mastering AEM Dispatcher Part 5: Managing Redirects Like a Master

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Most websites have a large number of redirects which they need to manage. Perficient/Digital just contributed a feature to ACS AEM Commons, the Redirect Map Manager, which makes managing these redirects a breeze. First, though why do websites need so many redirects? Redirects can come from: Legacy or Moved Pages / Assets Landing Page Vanities External Redirects Most websites will end up with hundreds if not thousands of redirects, many of which are poorly documented or understood.   Redirect Management Options   There are several different options of how to manage these redirects in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform, but all of them have some limitations or downsides.   Option 1: Redirects in Apache For a server admin, the easiest route is using Apache httpd Redirect Map text files or rewrites. Unfortunately, these incur significant downsides, including: Requires Downtime - Updates here require apache restarts to work Administrative Overhead...