Introducing Apache Sling 10

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

The Apache Sling project recently announced the latest version of our runnable distribution, Apache Sling 10 or Apache Sling X if you are a fruit company fan. And much like the latest fruit product release, this release of Apache Sling is 32% skinnier and costs 200% more, after all, it's still free!   What's New in Apache Sling 10?   Apache Sling 10 introduces a number of tweaks, enhancements, and whole new features, some of the highlights include:   Renaming release artifact from launchpad to starter Java 9 / 10 Support to allow for running Apache Sling in Java versions 7-10 (theoretically since Oracle has not released Java 10) Update to Oak 1.6.8 - Tons of bug fixes and improvements from the Jackrabbit / OAK team Switch to tiki-parsers from tiki-bundle. This is what helped Apache Sling drop 32% in size from 9-10. By only embedding the parsers, this significantly reduces the size of...