Enabling Target Visual Experience Composer in AEM

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Adobe Target's Visual Experience Composer(VEC) is a powerful editor for Digital Marketing Teams to easily create and test personalized experiences in the site context. This tool can be used by teams who are not interested in using the Target in AEM integration either due to business processes or team preferences. Visual Experience Composer makes creating offers as easy as clicking on an element and selecting the desired action:     However, getting Visual Experience Composer integrated into a website can pose some particular challenges. In the simplest use cases, integrating Adobe Target's Visual Experience Composer can be as simple as setting up an AEM Cloud Configuration, but depending on your AEM setup, more configuration may be required.    The Challenge with Visual Experience Composer   Similar to AEM's TouchUI, Visual Experience Composer uses an iframe to frame in the webpage being edited and then draws the editing controls over the top.   The red area within...