Product Owner: The Linchpin to Program Success

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Like the 80s hair band Cinderella will tell you, you "Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone". You don't know what it's like to have a good Product Owner until you don't have one. A good Product Owner is the linchpin of a successful product delivery. But how do you know what makes a good Product Owner? To be a good Product Owner the individual must be authoritative, protective and knowledgeable.    Authoritative   Product Owners must be empowered and capable of making and defending decisions. The Product Owner may not be the sponsor, nor will they control the budget, but the buck must stop at their desk. A good Product Owner when a stakeholder disagrees with the decision will work to ensure that this does not impact the delivery team, but either finds a solution which is a net neutral or will add an enhancement into the backlog...