Highlight of Adobe Summit Day 2: DAM 2.0

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

In Day 2 of Adobe Summit, I saw some great innovations and new features in the AEM Assets platform which together solve the most difficult challenges of Digital Asset Management. Bringing AI to DAM Today's general session highlighted a new capability which I believe is as much of a revelationary step forward in Digital Asset Management as the original DAM tools. The smart tagging and metadata mining available with the conjunction of AEM Assets and Adobe Sensei enables marketers to finally manage Assets at scale. We all know if the classic DAM problem: We spent all this time implementing a DAM and only to have it end up as a dumping ground of assets. The organizational discipline and architecture required to ensure terabytes of assets are all properly tagged, identified and organized is often just too much to maintain, especially for organizations who do not have assets as their central focus.