Lucky #11: Sling 11 and Java 11 Support

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

The Apache Sling project just released the latest version of the Apache Sling Starter, version 11. This artifact is an aggregator of the modules making up Apache Sling and is used by many downstream applications as a basis for the “stable” version of the Apache Sling codebase. Java 11 Support One of the most interesting new features in the latest version of the Sling Starter is support for Java 11. This is important as previous versions of Apache Sling and Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM) only supported Java 8. Java 8 version support is a ticking time bomb as Oracle has announced licensing and pricing changes for the Oracle JDK starting January 2019. Included in these changes is that the Oracle Java SE 8 will no longer be supported in accordance to Oracle’s new release schedule. Both Java 9 and 10 are not Long Term Support (LTS) releases and will only be supported for limited times, as compared to Java 11, the first LTS release which will be supported until the next LTS release or September 2023 for premier customers.