Fumble! Successfully Navigate the Three Primary Project Handoffs

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Most programs we deliver at Perficient Digital follow the Plan, Build, Run methodology for our work and client delivery. We chose this methodology for how it aligns with how we execute programs as consultants to our clients. Even with the defined phases of Plan, Build, Run, teams run into challenges. Especially, as a program moves between the phases and different handoffs occur between and within the teams. Some of the most common challenges include: Design / Architecture teams designing a solution in the "ivory tower" that can't be executed Implementation teams not understanding the business goals and building something that works... but doesn't meet the business needs Lack of knowledge / handoff to the support teams supporting the solution As an end-to-end solution provider, Perficient Digital helps guide clients through these challenging transition points to deliver a successful program. Here are some thoughts to help your team navigate these transition points.