One Tool to Configure Them All: Sling Repoinit

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

The core paradigm for the Java Content Repository (JCR), the repository for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is Everything is Content. This principal drives the flexibility which made AEM a market-leading solution. It does, however, come with a downside, managing the initial repository state is challenging since the repository state is a combination of the content, code and configuration for an AEM application. Managing this initial state is important for developers and administrators to be able to stand up local instances, standing up new environments and keeping environments in sync. Multiple teams have build parts of a solution to this problem, including: Netcentric Access Control Tool ACS AEM Commons Ensure Service User ACS AEM Commons Authorizable Packager Apache Sling Service User Web Console AEM Content Packages Recently though, another solution has come to the fore for configuring the initial repository state.