Upcoming Webinar - Sling RepoInit

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Curious about using Sling RepoInit? Want to learn more in depth about how Sling RepoInit can enable your AEM DevOps team to manage the initial repository state in code?

I'll be leading a virtual discussion on Sling RepoInit with the Detroit AEM Meetup on Thursday July 9th from 6:00 - 6:50 PM EST.

This talk will:
  • Introduce the benefits Sling RepoInit as a provisioning method
  • Compare Sling RepoInit to other methods of initializing a repository
  • Show how to manage permissions, configurations, and initial content using RepoInit
  • Demonstrate using Sling RepoInit for both AEM as a Cloud Service and AEM 6
  • Discuss a method for making it easier to manage Sling RepoInit configurations and future options 

More info about Repoinit: https://sling.apache.org/documentation/bundles/repository-initialization.html 

This talk will be useful for AEM Technical Experts, Architects, and Developers, especially those interested in AEM as a Cloud Service.

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