Make Your Adobe Managed Services Migration a Success

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

With companies looking to reduce costs and increase agility, many are looking to move their CMS to the cloud. Adobe offers two cloud solutions for AEM, Adobe Managed Services (AMS), and AEM Cloud Service. For existing on-premise customers, AMS is a lighter lift as it is closer to on-premise architectures. Is AMS a Fit? The first question to ask is: is AMS a fit? AMS is not the best solution for all customers. AMS is good for organizations with a single development team, simple/limited integrations, and limited internal technical teams. Teams with complex integrations, extensive DevOps capabilities, or multiple teams will find AMS limiting. Once you've validated that AMS makes sense for your organization, here's how you can make sure your AMS migration is a success!