The Summer of Sling

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This summer will be an exciting summer for AEM and Apache Sling enthusiasts. We've got an exciting lineup of conferences and events to see what the top minds in the community are up to and learn about the exciting developments in our space.

ResolveConf 2021

ResolveConf 2021

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

First up, we have ResolveConf, a new conference for Apache Sling enthusiasts, contributors and developers to showcase their solutions and contributions built on the Apache Sling framework.

The lineup for ResolveConf includes:

  • PaweĊ‚ Boguski and Karol Lewandowski discussing Web Sight Admin, a new modern toolkit for Apache Sling-based apps
  • Cris Rockwell discussing Open Source Enterprise, about his and the University of Michigan's collaboration on supporting Apache Sling
  • Danny Moulton and Kevin O'Brien presenting on Kestros, a new Content Management platform based on Apache Sling
  • Giancarlo Berner presenting JECIS eCommerce an Enterprise Commerce Framework
  • Ruben Reusser presenting peregrine-cms, a performance oriented Content Management System based on Apache Sling
  • Myself, discussing Apache Sling CMS and the Sling Feature Model

The one-day, virtual conference is free to attend; sign up at

AEM Rockstar 2021

AEM Rockstar V

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 | 8:00 am - 9:30 am PDT

I cannot fail to mention my first opportunity to present at Adobe Summit, AEM Rockstar, back for it's fifth year and showcasing an potent lineup of AEM experts and their incredible solutions based on the AEM Sites 30 framework.

Once again virtual, you can register for AEM Rockstar on Adobe Events.

AdaptTo 2021

adaptTo() 2021

27th - 29th September 2021

Closing out the summer, AdaptTo 2021 returns for it's 11th year and is expected to be a hybrid-virtual / in-person conference. Featuring many luminaries and guiding architects of the Apache Sling space, this conference is the best way to get the skinny on what's coming next in the Apache Sling ecosystem.

Due to this ongoing pandemic, only virtual tickets are being offered at this time, but hopefully soon in person will be offered as well. Register on


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