New Sling CMS Release: Improved Thumbnail Support & Bug Fixes

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The latest version of Sling CMS, version 1.1.0, just dropped with some exciting new features as well as some important bug fixes.

Transformation Support

What I'm excited about is the new thumbnail handling which brings tons of new options for generating and manipulating thumbnails. Whereas the thumbnail support in the previous versions of Sling CMS were primarily focused around resizing images, the new thumbnail support includes being able to manipulate the thumbnails in the following manner:

  • Resizing
  • Cropping
  • Colorizing
  • Flipping
  • Greyscale
  • Rotating
  • Transparency
Given an image like the below:

Sample Image

I can create a transformation set to create a sepia hero image:

Sepia Hero Image

Using a configuration like this:

Sepia Hero Configuration

Or go crazy and make the image, square, rotated and pink:

Wacky Image

Using a configuration like this:

Configuration for the Pink Image

Really the only limitation is your creativity!

Personal Transformations

One of the other limitations with the previous implementation was that the only thumbnail configurations that were supported were associated to the site via Sling Context Aware Configurations.

With the latest release of Sling CMS, you now have the option to create thumbnail configurations which are specific to a user and apply them to images.

This process takes three steps:

  1. Create the transformation - This can be done either by selecting My Transformations from the profile dialog or My Transformations from the Renditions screen on a File.
  2. Add a Rendition - Open the renditions dialog for an Asset, select Add Rendition and select your Transformation
  3. Select the Rendition - In the image component, select the new rendition

Bug Fixes

In addition to these improvements, the release includes five bug fixes:


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