Mastering the AEM Dispatcher Part 3: Shared Configurations

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

This is the third post in the series Mastering the AEM Dispatcher where delve into the mysteries of this opaque technology. In this post, we'll discuss how to set up configuration variables in the AEM Dispatcher to reduce redundancy and make it easy to compare and sync configuration files across environments.   The Starting Point   If you're using Adobe Managed Services (AMS) when you get your new AEM environment, you'll get a Dispatcher configuration like the one below in /etc/httpd:   conf author-farm.any author-invalidate-allowed.any author-renders.any author-vhosts.any clientheaders.any dispatcher.any httpd.conf magic publish-farm.any publish-invalidate-allowed.any publish-renders.any publish-vhosts.any rules.anyconf.d README autoindex.conf dispatcher_vhost.conf health_check.conf remoteip.conf userdir.conf welcome.conf.ignoreconf.modules.d 00-base.conf 00-dav.conf 00-lua.conf 00-mpm.conf 00-mpm.conf.old 00-proxy.conf 00-systemd.conf 01-cgi.conf   I like all how this configuration separates out the major functions of the dispatcher into separate files as this theoretically also you to: Understand the scope of changes Compare changes between environments Unfortunately, though because the server IPs, URLs,...