Highlight of Adobe Summit Day 1: Attribution IQ

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Adobe Summit kicked off with a bang with the General Session this morning! Shantanu Narayen and Brad Rencher elaborated Adobe's vision for building an ecosystem for Experience Makers. Adobe's vision for the Experience System of Record is a tremendous goal for every experience driven organization to strive to achieve.

The combination of Content and Data is a theme Adobe had discussed last year at Summit, but they are refining the vision and bringing more practical tools and insights to enable customers to deliver on the promise. 


Adobe's Vision for a Experience System of Record with Content+Data

I particularly appreciated that Brad called out the difficulty in delivering experiences due to the disparate data and content sources used to build a omni-channel experience. The Semantics and Controls Adobe discusses will be vital to organizations as the volume of content and data continues to grow. Their demonstrations with Mercedes-Benz was particular illustrative of the challenges of delivering personal experiences at scale and how the Adobe Experience Cloud enables marketers to deliver to customer expectations.

During the General Session, Adobe introduced a number of new capabilities to their tools to support the acceleration of content development and deeper integration of Content+Data, including:

  • New creative editing abilities in the Advertizing Cloud to reduce the time creatives spend cropping and resizing ads
  • Integrations between Adobe Photoshop and AEM Assets to enable creatives to seamlessly edit Enterprise Assets
  • Integration between AEM Content Fragments to publish to Adobe Target to enable authors and marketers to collaborate on content development
  • XDM a common Data Profile format for exchanging data between tools

One of the new enhancements that was most intriguing to me was the Attribution IQ. This future feature in Adobe Analytics enables marketers to leverage the power of Adobe Sensei to evaluate the most applicable attribution model based on your analytics data and situation.


Adobe Showing of the Attribution IQ


Attribution models are how analytical tools assign contribution values to different influences to a conversion event. These can be contentious as everyone in the marketing organization may have a vested interest in using a particular model being used. After all, who is to say if a customer converted that it was caused by the Banner Ad or the email blast if the customer interacted with both experiences. 

Attribution IQ takes the guesswork out of the equation by using the Artificial Intelligence of Adobe Sensei to score the different attribution models and empirically determine the model with the best fit. 

I was able to bend the ear with some of the Adobe Analytics experts at the Adobe booth and understand Attribution is currently in a closed Beta and will be generally available for all Adobe Analytics customers, across all of the product levels this summer.

What's Next?

I am very excited to see what Adobe will demonstrate tomorrow for Sneaks, it's always one of the best shows at Adobe Summit. I'm also thrilled to have the opportunity to see and judge the best contributions from the AEM community at the AEM Rockstar 2018. Join me tomorrow for more updated from Adobe Summit 2018!


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