1st Party Adobe Launch with ACS AEM Commons

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

Adobe has supported CNAME configuration for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target for some time now, but unfortunately doesn't provide the same for Launch by Adobe. The latest version of ACS AEM Commons, version 4.4.0, includes a new feature to fetch remote files and serve them via AEM. The primary use case I implemented this feature for was to automatically download the Launch by Adobe script so it can be served from the primary domain. Why do we need to serve Launch from our domain? Protecting consumer privacy and providing an excellent consumer experience is a delicate balance. The confluence of Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention, the widespread adoption of adblockers and Google Chrome's coming blocking of third party cookies have limited Digital Marketer's ability to optimize and personalize experiences as progressively they make it harder to effectively measure and optimize user interactions.