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In my previous post, Locked Down? Learn AEM in April, I talked about how PluralSight's #FreeApril program gives you access to great training on Adobe Experience Manager. 

For those of us also working with more than Content Management, #FreeApril provides some great training for you too! PluralSight has great courses on Adobe Analytics and Target for you to build expertise on these powerful solutions. Unfortunately, there's not a Pluralsight track on Launch, by Adobe so I pulled from the great free training Adobe has published on YouTube for this integral Tag Management solution.  

Getting a Sandbox

To use Analytics and Target you will need a Sandbox or non-Production instance. If your organization already has Adobe, reach out to whomever manages the access to the Adobe Experience Cloud, if not, you can request a copy from Adobe.

Existing Partners:

Potential Customers:

What's the Best Track for Me?

Digital Marketing projects involve a number of different roles and skillsets. Click on the roles below to learn more about the role and what courses will help you reach the next level.

Business Practitioner / Analysts

Business Practitioners are experts of the use of the Adobe Analytics and Target and help the business translate requirements into stories and leverage the tools to measure and derive value on campaigns and marketing efforts.

Learn how to use the Adobe Analytics and Target solutions and how to solve business problems with the Adobe technologies.


Developers setup, configure and integrate the Adobe and 3rd party digital marketing tools across channels including websites, mobile apps, emails, etc.

Learn how to develop solutions to track, measure and optimize Digital Marketing solutions using Adobe Analytics and Target.

Multi-Solution Architect

Multi-Solution Architects design and lead the implementation of end-to-end solutions for Digital Marketing problems.

Learn how to develop solutions to track, measure and optimize Digital Marketing solutions using the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Introduction to Launch, by Adobe

Launch by Adobe is a next-generation tag management system that does much more than tag management. Launch by Adobe allows any web technology provider, such as LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, to build and own integrations with Launch.

Introduction to Adobe Analytics


Introduction to Adobe Target

Overview of the Launch by Adobe Platform.

Adobe Analytics Implementation Fundamentals

(1h 16m)
Adobe Analytics is the industry leading digital analytics solution for reporting and insights of your company's customer experience. This course teaches you the basics of designing, configuring, and coding a robust implementation of Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Target Optimize Digital Experiences Fundamentals

(1h 36m)
Adobe Target empowers companies with tools needed to drive more relevant experiences and engagement for customers. This course teaches you the basics of conversion optimization, activity creation, and managing offers stored in the customer library.

Adobe Analytics Building on the Fundamentals

(2h 29m)
Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading analytics solution. In this course, you will learn about the array of reports available and how to break them down, as well as creating calculated metrics, performing segmentation, and customizing dashboards.

Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace

(2h 5m)
In this course, Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace, you're going to uncover everything you need to know about Analysis Workspace including: building projects, creating data visualizations, and creating complex segments and metrics.

Adobe Target Optimize Digital Experiences Building on the Fundamentals

(1h 49m)
Adobe Target provides you the necessary tools to start driving growth, personalization, and more relevant experiences to your customers. This course teaches you the necessary steps to build your audience segments, analyze report results, and more.

Adobe Target Premium Recommendations

(1h 59m)
Adobe Target is designed to make testing and adopting a culture of optimization straightforward and scaleable. This course covers the basics of using Target Recommendations including basic navigation and creation, syncing data feeds, and more.

Adobe Target Automated Personalization

(1h 36m)
Every day, millions of people visit websites. Everyone has different tastes and interests, and each has a different likelihood of engaging and buying. This course teaches you the power of automated personalization in web marketing using Adobe Target.

Adobe Analytics Implementation Intermediate

(1h 23m)
Adobe Analytics one of the most popular digital analytics tools in the world and product of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This course will teach you some of the more advanced methods of implementing Adobe Analytics on your website.

Adobe Analytics Implementation Advanced

(2h 17m)
Implementing Adobe Analytics properly is one of the most crucial things you can do for your business. This course will teach you advanced implementation of Adobe Analytics, including data manipulation, processing rules, validation, and more.

Launch by Adobe Playlist

(3h 42m)
Overview of the Launch by Adobe Platform.

Using Adobe Analytics and Shared Audiences with Adobe Target

(1h 11m)
Learn how to use Adobe Analytics reporting to analyze Target activities and how to use the People core service to achieve a complete, 360-degree understanding of customers to drive more relevant experiences for better engagement and improved ROI.

Where do I get help?

Learning the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions is no simple thing, the platform, while easy to use is large and complex.

Some great resources for people looking to get started with Adobe Experience Cloud include:

And as always feel free to leave a comment or send me a line on twitter @KlcoDanR and I'll do my best to respond! Best of luck in your learning of about the Adobe Experience Cloud and getting through the lockdown!


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