Introducing CQ Deploy Version 0.1.1

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

The Six Dimensions Labs team is proud to introduce version 0.1.1 of CQ Deploy, an Apache Maven plugin for deploying Maven projects into Adobe CQ repositories.

The CQ Deploy plugin allows developers deploy CQ projects using Maven in an easy and consistant manner.  The CQ Deploy Plugin is capable of deploying both packages and bundles and is compatible with CQ 5.2-5.5.

The current release, version 0.1.1 brings:

  • Improved documentation
  • Improved logging
  • A fix for an issue where creating new folders caused an error in CQ 5.5

You can read more about CQ Deploy on the documentation website.

To report any issues, or ask any questions, please create an issue.


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