Web Maintenance a Chore? AEM Live Copy to the Rescue!

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

In my recent work with distributors and manufacturers, I’ve noticed many have a similar problem. They are responsible for supporting multiple dealer or branch websites, and are struggling to do so. These are hundreds of sites, which are managed at a corporate level and mainained by a branch or dealer. The size and complexity in managing these sites and help non-technical authors maintain them makes this a daunting task for more organizations, so how can we make it easier? Adobe Experience Manager Live Copy allows authors to easily manage multiple local sites that share some content between sites and allows for unique content on a particular site. What is Live Copy? Live Copy is a feature in Adobe Experience Manager where the content and structure of a source site is copied to target sites via a configurable process. This can either be automatic or manual, and can even invoke other processes like automatic publication workflows upon changes to the source site.  ...