No Matter What Anyone Tells You There's No TouchUI Under /etc

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

I'm posting a little-known fact to save anyone else the frustration of banging their head against why this doesn't work for a couple hours: Except for a few specific conditions, you cannot use TouchUI to edit any components under the /etc directory. There you have it! That's really the crux of the blog post! Of course, a reasonable question may be why? To understand why we'll need to first understand what's going on when AEM builds out the editor fields for a component.   How AEM Builds the Touch UI   Astute users and developers of AEM have probably noticed the url structure of pages in the AEM editor looks something like: http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/site/page.html The trick for building this out is that AEM is using a single page /editor.html for the page editing features and then using Sling Suffix to load the contents to edit /content/site/page.html as an iframe. Something like...