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Developing Clean and Efficient Lists of Items with HTL

In HTL many developers create overly complex Sling Model driven components for simple content lists. Instead, using child-component includes you can create complex content-driven components without a line of Java code.

Quick Fix: AEM + Search&Promote Integration Uses Stage

How to resolve an issue with the AEM+Adobe Search&Promote integration in AEM 6.3.

Creating Rich Web Experiences with AEM + Adobe Search&Promote

Adobe Search and Promote is a powerful SaaS search offering within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. By integrating Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Search Promote, you can create extremely powerful search-driven experiences in AEM.

Safely Iterating the AEM Content Repository

Iterating the AEM repository gets a bad rap. Here's some tips to iterate safely.

AEM Rockstar 2019

I'm honored to be returning to compete in the 2019 AEM Rockstar along side the brightest minds in the Adobe Experience Manager community.

Demystifying Oak Search Part 3: Five Indexing Gotchas

Wouldn't it be great if it was just as easy as "use an index" Here are 5 Oak Indexing Gotchas