Monitoring AEM in Adobe Managed Services with Sling Health Checks

Published on by Dan KlcoPicture of Me Dan Klco

In my recent post, Anatomy of the Ideal Background Job, I asserted the ideal job should be monitorable. Sling Health Checks provide a basis for monitoring a job and AEM's Health Reports console provides an intuitive, visual representation of the status of the Sling Health Checks for administrators. Proactive monitoring, on the other hand, requires a machine-readable status. Ideally, wean alert go off in a NOC whenever a job fails or reports an unusual status. That way, we can be immediately alerted to the issue instead of having to wait until it is noticed by a customer or support engineer. Using the Sling Health Checks along with a Nagios script, you can institute proactive monitoring of your AEM jobs and application by your Adobe Managed Services Customer Success Engineering team.